Breakfast Club

Did you see the Hull Daily Mail article on the success of our Breakfast Club? Look on line and see what we have achieved. The publication date was 3.3.16

Our Breakfast Club supports between 106 and 126 pupils each day. Activities include sports, computers, small world, art and craft and role play. It is the perfect start to the day, as it includes a healthy breakfast and ensures that one third of the school population arrive in school on time and are ready to learn.

Attendance at our Breakfast Club during the first half of the  Autumn Term 2016 was an average of 109 pupils per day.

Below are some comments about our Breakfast Club from some of our daily users


"I like playing with my friends and the dolls"

"I like the sports and all the different activities"

"I come because my mum and dad are at work"

"I like all the art and craft activities"

"There is someone to look after you if your mum has to work"

"My mum is at work and I really enjoy it"

"I like the singing and the dancing at the end"

"I like playing with all the toys"